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A novice blogger and his attempt at generating some income from blogging

Can I Really Make Money Blogging? Part II

Posted by JC on October 21, 2006

MoneyAfter reading some more articles about blogging and advertising on websites, I came across a few more inspirational bloggers and websites.

I came across this article in Business 2.0 that was run earlier this month. The article can be found here and is entitled: “Blogging For Dollars“.

In this article, we found out about these successful bloggers and/or websites that use advertising programs like Google Adsense to make big bucks:

1) Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington runs the very popular TechCrunch blogsite. His blog reviews new technologies and companies and his site brings in enough traffic (1 – 2 million visitors monthly) to rake in about $50,000-$60,000 per month – all pure ad revenues!

2) BoingBoing

A site called BoingBoing, which is simply a blogsite about weird, wacky and wonderful things will recieve almost $1 million in ad revenues this year. That, in itself is a wacky and wonderful thing!


Another site called is a site simply about the economics of content. This site will also bring in about $1 million in ad revenues this year.


How about this simple site called This site basically has readers submit articles and is really just one big site of links. Simple idea, but a big money maker! They get about 40 million pageviews a month, and they mainly run Googe ads, which makes them a healthy $600,000 – $800,000 per month! How’s that for a simple idea!

5) Markus Finch

I came across several articles about Markus Finch and his site called PlentyOfFish. Markus runs a free online dating service at his site and he mainly runs Google ads for income. And how much income are we talking about? Try $10,000 a day! He gets 600 million pageviews a month and with the revenue he gets from Google Adsense, it’s no wonder he makes his service free. Check out a video of him here when he was featured on a news show.

And so, a few more examples for all of us and more inspiration. Keep in mind that many of these sites have been in operation for several years and when Google Adsense was first introduced back in 2002, these sites were able to take full advantage of the coming advertising wave.

There are currently lots of stats that show that online advertising like Google’s Adsense has just started taking off and will continue to grow at a rapid pace through at least 2010.

So if you’re not blogging, what are you waiting for? I’m in it for the ride and I can’t wait to see how far this wave will take me!


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