Blogging For Income

A novice blogger and his attempt at generating some income from blogging


What is the purpose of this blog?

Well, it’s to document the creation of this blog with the main purpose of generating income through ad revenues and referrals. I am a novice blogger who doesn’t really know that much about blogging. As I learn things, I will document them here, in this blog.

I will group and tag my posts in several categories with the most important category being “Building This Site Day-By-Day”. Every day in which I work on this blog, I will post up an overview of what has been done, what has been added, and what I’m doing to improve the site and will be placed in this category.

I will also research and investigate new blogging tools and communities and write about them here. I will have other categories such as “Traffic Building”, “Tools”, and “Tips” to help bloggers make the most out of their blogs.

At the end of every month, I will post up statistics about this site including “Visits”, “Page Views”, and “Revenue Generated”. My hope is that the numbers go up as the months go by.

With that, I welcome you and I hope we can all learn something!


One Response to “About”

  1. Nancy said

    The research on this site was very helpful. I was ready to sign up with until I read your posting, for I too want to place ads on my blog. I would like to follow your adventures, but nothing has posted after the end of October 2006, have you moved to another blog? Thanks, N

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