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A novice blogger and his attempt at generating some income from blogging

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What is the purpose of this blog?

Well, it’s to document the creation of this blog with the main purpose of generating income through ad revenues and referrals. I am a novice blogger who doesn’t really know that much about blogging. As I learn things, I will document them here, in this blog.

I will group and tag my posts in several categories with the most important category being “Building This Site Day-By-Day”. Every day in which I work on this blog, I will post up an overview of what has been done, what has been added, and what I’m doing to improve the site and will be placed in this category.

I will also research and investigate new blogging tools and communities and write about them here. I will have other categories such as “Traffic Building”, “Tools”, and “Tips” to help bloggers make the most out of their blogs.

At the end of every month, I will post up statistics about this site including “Visits”, “Page Views”, and “Revenue Generated”. My hope is that the numbers go up as the months go by.

With that, I welcome you and I hope we can all learn something!


One Response to “About”

  1. Nancy said

    The research on this site was very helpful. I was ready to sign up with until I read your posting, for I too want to place ads on my blog. I would like to follow your adventures, but nothing has posted after the end of October 2006, have you moved to another blog? Thanks, N

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