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The Future Of This Site And Why I Can’t Generate Revenue (Yet)

Posted by JC on October 30, 2006

QuestionMarkWhen I first launched this blog, I had intentions of quickly setting up advertising and a whole slew of other forms of generating revenue through this site. I had a layout all ready and I was going to rapidly build this site through my “Building This Site” series. I had read a great deal about doing this and how WordPress seemed to be the most ideal, most restriction-free way of generating revenue.

Unfortunately, the deeper I looked into adding to this site, the less I found I could do.


First – the most important thing: I am using vs.

Currently I use to create this blog. is a site that allows you to create your own blog, provides hosting for you to do so, and is completely free. Since hosts your blog for you, there are several (and I mean several) restrictions. One of the most important restriction is that does not allow advertising of any kind (because this requires you to add javascript code into your site).

In fact, any outside code is frowned upon when operating a blog. The reason is for security purposes. Since hosts your site for you, things like javascript code and other forms programming may introduce viruses or perhaps even slow down their systems.

So if you are running a blog and your URL for your blog is something like:, it means your blog is using, which means tough luck – you can’t run advertising of any sort.

So what is WELL – if you have a domain name and you have found a host for your site, you can get all of WordPress features from Basically at, you get the complete package of software that allows you to run your own WordPress blog provided you have a host and you have your own domain name.

If you are using the package, it is very versatile and it has many plugins and widgets and gives you the flexability to do anything you really wish to your blog.

Since WordPress is not in charge of hosting your blog, you are free to put anything (javascript and all) into your blog. When you see people talking about how WordPress is great because of all the features and about how they can integrate all kinds of advertising on their blogs, you have to keep in mind: these people have their own domain name and they have their own hosting!

When I first thought of the idea for this site, I was unfortunately duped into using because of all the hype and how all other bloggers were hyping WordPress. Keep in mind that when I was reading articles about making money with your blog, I was still a novice and didn’t have a clue as to the difference between and

Here is a list of things I cannot do with this blog:

  • I cannot place advertising on this blog
  • I cannot adjust the way this blog looks (i.e. adjust margins, widen sidebars)
  • Certain elements do not work 100% (my SiteMeter counter does not work 100%)
  • I cannot add anything that can analyze the traffic coming to this site (such as Google Analytics, etc)
  • I cannot add certain elements that can help drive traffic to this site (i.e. Diggit, and Reddit buttons)
  • I cannot add anything that requires you to add code to the blog (which is a lot!)

So What Now?

Since I’ve already put in a lot of time and effort into this blog and since I really like the features that the package from, I will continue with this blog and someday in the future I will transfer this blog onto my own host (I’ve read that doing this is a real pain, but like they say – no pain, no gain!).

I’ll continue adding content to this site (which is a key to any good blog) and once I have an established set of readers and have some good regular traffic coming to the site, I can then start considering moving this blog onto it’s own host. I will continue with my “Building This Site” series, but I will instead focus on what I’m doing to drive traffic (which is still considered building a site) – such things as Technocrati, Fark, Digg,, etc (don’t worry, I’ll cover these in later posts) .

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be reviewing more things related to blogging including terms and definitions, how to use certain tools, review of certain programming that will be needed and any developments in the blogging arena.

So Why Don’t I Just Use Blogger/Blogspot?

I’ve had some success in generating income from my other Blogger/Blogspot blogs and so comes the question: why didn’t I use Blogger/Blogspot?

I know they currently have a Beta Blogger (a new version of Blogger) that is supposed to have more features than the current existing Blogger, but I still like the wealth of features and the freedom that WordPress has.

And besides, I wanted this blog to be kind of a “learn-as-you-go” type of thing so that readers out there could also follow along.

In the meantime, I hope you bear with me and hopefully we can all learn a lot in the coming weeks!


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